PSO Teams

What are the PSO Teams?


  • The Internal Communication Team oversees the PSO Newsletter and Webpage.
  • The Elections Team organizes and runs elections for both the Board of Directors and the PSO Officer positions.

Coordination of Volunteers

  • The Volunteer Support Team coordinates and communicates with on-going volunteers that help with daily school functions such as lunch/recess help, morning greeters and in-class needs.

School Community Development

  • The Community Care Team is the team that organizes welcoming families that are new to our school and providing our staff with some of those extra things that show we value them.  Examples of this are the New Parent Mentoring Team, Lounge Angles and the Staff Luncheon Team.
  • The Programming Team will work on planning programs, from guest lecturers to social events for families.

Financial Means

  • The Annual Fundraising Team will organize our fundraising efforts that happen once a year such as the Holiday Bazaar and others soon to be announced.
  • The On-Going Fundraising Team will coordinate our on-going fundraisers such as Box Tops and SCRIP.

We believe that children are our best hope to improve the world.

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